Web 2.0 and customer care: what happen when the community rules?

Recently I have changed my Internet provider and even if all my friends warned me about the awful customer care of the provider I have decided to go for it because of the quality of signal.

Modem arrived, service activated, but suddenly something happened: after a storm the network was not working any more.

...there I was with my mobile in my hand an ready to face the terrible customer care.

First call: half an hour waiting and finally, when someone answered he/she decided to end the call as soon as he/she kept it. 

Second call: 45 minutes waiting and the assistance ended as the first time, so did the third call and the forth till my mobile credit was finished.

Thus, I gave up the customer care and I decided to chat with friends on Facebook, but I had an idea. What if I ask for assistance to Fastweb on social networks?
So I did, and after few hours someone contacted me and solved my network problems. Amazing!

If from a side none helped me through a phone call the idea of a bad reputation nowadays scares so much companies that they promptly take care of their customers in order not to have negative comments.

The community and the web rule on the old assistance tools and this is changing our behaviours.


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