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From next Summer More advertising on Facebook.

In order to increase the income Facebook decided to boosts video advertising. In fact, latest news say that in the next months there will be a video advertising every-time you open Facebook.

It is well known that Facebook is becoming the best advertising platform, because it can reach different target markets all over the world. However, it has to be said that the social network is loosing members (around 10 million in the last year) especially for what concern UK, where in the last year 1 million of members decided to delete their accounts. On the other hand, it is true that the number of members from developing countries is increasing.
Nevertheless, Facebook decided to aim at companies which want to advertise their products and increase their profits. 
Statistics show that in US companies spend 4 billions of dollars for video advertising on social media, and the forecasts are that next year this data will increase of 41%. In light of this, Zucherberg decided to make his Social Network …

Italian Focaccia vs Mc Donald's. Who won?

This story began in a city of 65,000 residents in the south of Italy called Altamura.
This city is also known as  "The city of bread", due to the quality of the bread that bakers make every day fresh, following an ancient recipe.

In 2001 Mc Donald's decided to open a fast food in there, but the company did not consider the cultural aspect that characterized this place.

At the very beginning people saw the fast food as a news and they tried it, some loved it and others hated it. Nevertheless the income did not match the expectations.
Suddenly a small bakery opened next to the Mc Donald's. Traditions were face to face with modernity and in less than two years the fast food was closed. A small bakery won against a global company!

People prefered the traditional "focaccia" to the American burgers. The company did not realised that, somehow, these people were attached to their traditions: they eat hand made and fresh food every day and the idea of eating somethi…