Social Media for BtoB

We all know that social media marketing is becoming always more important for companies, but what happen if your company is not a BtoC but a BtoB? are social media still useful for your company?

Generally speaking yes, they help you build a strong brand awareness and ease the hiring process, because if you are looking for candidates more people know your company and more possibilities you have to find the resource you are looking for.

On the other hand, wise is to use the right social networks, for instance if you sell software it could be useless to have a Pinterest or Instagram profile because actually you have no products to take a picture of (or maybe you can take a pic of their GUI?). What you can use to promote your business, instead, is LinkedIn which gives you the possibility to create ads based on your target market and target only Seniors that can be your potential customers.

Indeed, it's not easy to be a Social media Manager for BtoB but not impossible with money to inv…

Web 2.0 and customer care: what happen when the community rules?

Recently I have changed my Internet provider and even if all my friends warned me about the awful customer care of the provider I have decided to go for it because of the quality of signal.
Modem arrived, service activated, but suddenly something happened: after a storm the network was not working any more.
...there I was with my mobile in my hand an ready to face the terrible customer care.
First call: half an hour waiting and finally, when someone answered he/she decided to end the call as soon as he/she kept it. 
Second call: 45 minutes waiting and the assistance ended as the first time, so did the third call and the forth till my mobile credit was finished.
Thus, I gave up the customer care and I decided to chat with friends on Facebook, but I had an idea. What if I ask for assistance to Fastweb on social networks? So I did, and after few hours someone contacted me and solved my network problems. Amazing!
If from a side none helped me through a phone call the idea of a bad reputation now…

Brand awareness vs Brand reputation

The brand awareness is nothing more than the popularity of a brand. Companies pine for it and in some cases invest a huge amount of money in order to increase it. 
On the other hand the brand reputation is what people think about your brand, the perception they have.
But what happen if your popularity (so your brand awareness) rises, but your brand reputation doesn't?
This is what is happening these days to Moncler (a famous luxury down jacket company) after a television report on the Italian public television. In the report a journalist explains the unethical behaviours of the worldwide company. In fact, during the show Moncler has been accused of cruelty to animals, low quality, and exploitation of workers. 
...and the day after the show, the web and social media gone wild. 
The brand awareness has sharply increased against the brand reputation which decreased considerably. Twitter, Facebook and the web are brimming with negative comments and articles agaist Moncler which has decided…

The state of a creative mind.

Creativity is a state of mind, you don’ get to become a creative. Creative people are not practicing how to become more creative or how to use their imagination, they just were born in that way, they have a different world view. Those people are still able to see the world as they use to do when they were children, and this is an amazing thing because it means that they are still able to be surprised and never get used to the ordinary life. Usually they are uncomfortable and extremely sensitive, unfortunately there is no way to practice these peculiarities you were born creative or with no inventive.
Where do you belong to?

Ambient Marketing with Clean Graffiti

Have you ever heard about Clean Graffiti?

They are the latest Ambient Marketing tool, where creativity and environment are mixed together in order to develop a perfect and unforgettable marketing campaign.

But how do they work? Unlike they look like a painting, on the wall or on the street, they are absolutely legal because they are made by cleaning a public space. This is a new way of doing marketing entirely environmentally friendly.

Although the polemics about the Advertising pollution marketers and artists work together in order to create always new tools to attract new customers.

Here you can find the latest amazing clean creation.

What do you think about it?

New Tool for Google AdWords

In order to have more efficient results and a more targeted marketing campaign Google developed Google Display Planner. It is the combination between Contextual Targeting Tool, Placement Tool and Google Ad Planner, which no longer exist.
The aim of this new tool is to find out more about your customers and offer them a customized advertising. Based on the keywords that you insert and on the landing page, Google Display will show you the age, the gender and it will suggest placement solutions, interests, topics and keywords in order to reach your target market.
To find out more check the link below and boost your campaign:

New Coca Cola's drops of happiness

If in 1988 Bobby McFerring spread the happiness in the world with the song "Don't worry be happy"- and it worked well, because still everybody sings his song- nowadays Coca Cola is taking his place.

The new Coca Cola campaign aims to bring happiness and to associate the brand with this feeling. Coca Cola always used Emotional Marketing in order to arouse positive  feelings in the customers when they see the brand's logo. Nevertheless, in this case the company overtake the previous marketing campaigns with a new powerful guerrilla and ambient strategy. In fact, focus of the new campaign is to bring some green, colour and happiness in our grey cities and ordinary life.

Watch the video and let the happiness in!!!