Brand awareness vs Brand reputation

The brand awareness is nothing more than the popularity of a brand. Companies pine for it and in some cases invest a huge amount of money in order to increase it. 

On the other hand the brand reputation is what people think about your brand, the perception they have.

But what happen if your popularity (so your brand awareness) rises, but your brand reputation doesn't?

This is what is happening these days to Moncler (a famous luxury down jacket company) after a television report on the Italian public television. In the report a journalist explains the unethical behaviours of the worldwide company. In fact, during the show Moncler has been accused of cruelty to animals, low quality, and exploitation of workers. 

...and the day after the show, the web and social media gone wild. 

The brand awareness has sharply increased against the brand reputation which decreased considerably. Twitter, Facebook and the web are brimming with negative comments and articles agaist Moncler which has decided not to answer to the public offences.

In few months certainly the web and the social will forget what happen, what will remain is the fact that Moncler popularity rises and as a brand will be recognised everywhere as a luxury company that made its way to a more ethical way of working.

Hence, a strong brand awareness or a strong brand reputation? What is better? For sure it is possible to change customer's perception of a brand, but difficult to destroy its awareness.


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